Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Group Project

There will be specific detail to come, but I'd like to give you an introductory sense of the Group Project this term. I am certain that you will find this a very exciting and memorable assignment: I know for my part, I'm looking forward very much to seeing your compleated projects.

Essentially, your group of classfellows will spend some time looking at an application of modern science, defining how it operates on materialistic, mechanistic and atomistic principles, and then re-visioning the large-scale practice along Romanticist lines -- using the understanding of Romanticism that you gain from lecture and your readings. How you organise your project and present your conclusions is entirely free for you to decide: you may want to use a blog format, or construct a White Paper for example.

Here are some areas of focus for you to consider choosing from. You may want to add your own special interest.

  • Darwinian evolutionion (the doctrine of natural selection.)
  • Industrialisation.
  • University Science practices: Physics, Chemistry Departments &c.
  • Animal use in science testing.
  • Nuclear development.
  • Urban planning and land development.
  • Modern psychology.
  • Modern Western medicine: surgery, drugs, &c.
  • "ADD" & "AD-HD" model of boyhood: ritalin & dextroamphetamine
  • Human genome project.
  • transgenic foodstuffs.
  • Cybercolonialism & virtual realities.


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