Friday, September 15, 2006

Group Project: Alternative Conception

The commendable desire of many to add the so-called later Romantics -- the die-young Romantics is another apt name for them -- to our study this term can be accomodated by a flexible revision of the Group Project.

The assignment, then, will be for a creative scholarly (if that is not a pleonasm) presentation of any one of the major or minor English Romantics; Wordsworth, Coleridge and Blake excluded. I will consider an exception in the case of Wordsworth, if a convincing argument were made in writing and none of the poems assigned in the syllabus were included.

Keats, Byron and P.B. Shelley would be required to be among the Romantics chosen by our six class Groups.

The project would present the selected poet in an intellectually significant and revivifying manner: presented, that is, in a meaningful and stimulating contemporary context.

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