Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mid Term Essay Topics

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Update II: the link to the syllabus now corrected: thanks to "Achillez" for the detection.

The criteria for the mid-term essay are detailed in the syllabus. The three topics are as follows. Write on one topic only.

1.] Romanticism is perfectly a literary sensibility, but with the additional quality of an active philosophy that re-visions the scientific approach to nature. Working from the opening quadruplet of Auguries of Innocence, show how Blake's system, as he called it, harmonises with Goethe's conception of scientific method.

2.] Explain Kant's category of "synthetic a priori" in terms of Coleridge's attribution of universal and necessary truth to Art.

3.] Blake depreciates and Coleridge appreciates the physical world. Reconcile these two ostensible contraries in a unified understanding of Romanticism.

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The Gypsy said...

Just a little note regarding Prof. Ogden's post:

The link to the course syllabus actually links to the ENGL 342 course syllabus. The ENGL 327 course syllabus is right here, on our blog page.